Our Dog Training Gallery

All pictures belong to K9 Met Specialists Ltd. Faces are pixilated to protect identity of handlers.

 A good security dog undertaking training


Our team of dog trainers are known all around the world and have trained for many years on the working field, on the streets to protect and also compete in working trials in UK and Europe. We all have experiences in dealing with all aspects of detection and security dog training. Our highly qualified instructors, qualified by BIPDT and NASDU, train other handlers from other security companies to the highest standards accordingly with certification. We welcome enquiries from anywhere in the world and do our utmost to fulfil requests. 

We hope you will find everything you need. For all further enquiries, please use our online contact form.

Good security dogs in Berkshires

Training in a close heel ready for working trials.


Good security dogs in Berkshire

Training in a GP session.


Three good dogs performing training with their owners

Handler certification.


German Shepherd dog tackling a man with an arm guard

Internationally recognised, we train and supply specifically trained dogs to countries all over the world.