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If you are looking for Detection or Security dogs then get in touch with K9 Met Specialists Ltd! We are an associate member of BIPDT and NASDU, fully independent security firm with 30 years of experience in all departments. Our team is available 24/7, 365 days a year and take pride in meeting the highest possible security standards. We produce a tailor-made security plan based on your specific needs to ensure that your property or business receives comprehensive security provision. Whether you require firearms detection dogs or explosive search dogs, our team will provide a professional service that meets your demands. We can be discrete or have a visual presence, working with a wide variety of sectors to ensure that workers and customers have total confidence that they are being looked after.





We are a professional company with over three decades of experience in handling General Purpose Security dogs, Drug Detection dogs and Explosives Detection dogs, look no further than K9 Met Specialists Ltd. 

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About K9 Met Specialists' K9 Security Services!

Having worked with the MOD Police in the Army, other law enforcements (Army, Customs, Police, Prison, Private Security and Search & Rescue services), and clients ranging from private to high profile VIP for 30 years in UK and abroad, we developed a strong reputation around the world as reliable, honest and professional suppliers of K9 security services. Our mission is to refine our excellent experience into a streamlined, high-quality security dog services. All guards and dog handlers are certified, background checked, receive ongoing training, and can be discrete or make a visual presence, depending on your preferences. Guards are supervised by K9 Security Units, who are available to assist the On-Site Officer, if required.


K9 Metropolitan Specialists are an associate member of NASDU and the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers. All of our handlers are trained to NASDU and BIPDT standards, each with their own fully equipped guard. Available 24 hours a day for seven days a week throughout the year, our security dogs are here to supply a quality tailored service to suit your needs.


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 Why Choose K9 Met Specialists Ltd?



Strong Experience

Over the past 30 years, we have travelled around the UK and abroad to provide a first-class K9 security service to a number of industries. Our team have covered festivals, personal protection of Royal family members, nightclubs, and much more. During this period, we have consolidated an extremely high standard of service, as dictated by NASDU, and now train staff from other companies to meet the levels of performance that we demand of ourselves. You can trust us to provide an impeccable service.

We are licensed by the Home Office to store and keep REAL drug and explosive samples for the purposes of drug detection and explosives' detection dog training. We do NOT use pseudo drugs or explosives as part of our training. We have been supplying fully trained or partly trained, specially selected dogs at various places in the United Kingdom, and to tailored foreign Government canine projects and operations to countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Holland, Kuwait, Iraq, Morocco, Jordan to name a few.

The few types of working dogs we can offer are a) GP Security Dogs, b) Detection Dogs, c) Search and Rescue Dogs. We can also conduct and structure courses to suit individual clients and give continuation processes in their own countries by our accredited Instructors. We can also supply high quality canine equipment and accessories which are specially custom made and designed for in-house. These are only the outline of the activities that we can tailor for.

Competitively Priced

Compared to hiring a static guard from a private company, the cost of hiring our dogs and handlers is minimal, despite the fact that they perform the same function at an extremely professional standard. Save your company unnecessary overhead costs by calling K9 Met Specialists Ltd to supply an emphatic first-class general security service.


Meet Your Specific Needs

As an experienced firm providing a Canine Unit and Guards in the UK and internationally, we know that listening closely to clients is the most important aspect of our job. By working closely with you, we can determine the exact security arrangements that need to be made to keep you and your property safe. Whether you require a daily on-site presence at a private home, several guards for a one-off event in a nightclub, or a discrete nightly patrol, we will come up with a bespoke plan that gives you total peace of mind.



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