It is a no brainer that K9 Metropolitan Specialists have been working behind the scenes by helping the general public and followers who seek our professional dog training advice and help for their own dog/s, we are so pleased to be assisting dogs onto the right path over the course of January until end of June during our residential training period. Our diary will reopen in September, so be quick to book in!

If you didn't know, we do offer our K9 training services to those outside of the security industry, please check out our 'General Dog Training' page to find out more and how we can help you get the best out of your dog, whilst also teaching you. Our existing clients have been making beneficial use of our tailored training packages.

Below you can see some pictures of the much loved family members in canine form whom have been signed up to our tailored training packages by their owners and are making tremendous progress.

"Zeena" the XL Bully had 6 weeks residential training with us, a package tailored for Zeena and for her owners to continue at home. We have been working on general obedience, recall, lead training, a few fun tricks such as spin and speak on command, and general polite manners such as no jumping up onto people. Zeena is such a sweet girl and we are pleased with how far she has come so far as she gets proper stuck into training with no messing about!

It is important for any breed, but particularly larger breeds like the XL Bullies to train and build in the foundations before they get older to prevent future issues. It really is lovely to see more people getting out there with their dogs and taking the correct steps for a well balanced happy dog, rather than allowing these issues to arise and try to 'fix' the issue.

This is just the start for Zeena and it's going to be a fun ride, we look forward to seeing Zeena come to life. Picture is of Zeena and Chocolatey the Cocker Spaniel, learning to behave appropriately around another dog whilst also engaging with her trainer.

When you start proper socialisation and training early, and continue building a relationship with your dog or puppy as they grow older, you'll have a better chance of preventing aggression (barring genetics) and a happy, balanced canine companion.

3 weeks residential training was undertaken for two close in age Irish Terriers, "Lady" and "Magic". The last few months prior to training with us, Lady and Magic were constantly at each others necks and this is down to them being so intensely bonded together for 3 years since puppies, developing 'Littermate Syndrome.'

Littermate Syndrome isn't necessarily being two puppies from the same litter being homed into the same home, it can just be 2 puppies brought up together and are very close in age. Since their last season they have had to live their lives separately but under the same roof which is obviously more work but causes less issues in fighting, this means eating separately, playing separately, everything separately.

At the end of 3 weeks residential with us, Lady and Magic no longer have to live their life separately under 1 roof, and can now also enjoy and develop connections with their owners without having to be dependent on each other. We have thoroughly worked on their behaviourial issues such as of course them being dependent on each other, training separately and training around other dogs (not just with each other) and allowing them to have their own space to do as they wish without again, each other side by side.

Recognising the separation anxiety between two close in age or littermate dogs, nipping it in the bud is essential; two happy dogs, a happy family and a happy home, what more could you ask for?

Earlier this year, "Denia" was adopted by her new family and was still finding her feet and adjusting to a new routine even after two months. Denia's owners approached us to undergo training with us and to be kept under our watchful eye to ensure they got the best out of Denia. Denia is so full of energy being a relatively young adult female and needs a helping hand with channeling her mind and body.

We will be working with Denia on improving her lead pulling, recall and basic obedience touch up.







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