What at K9 Met Specialists Ltd continue to update our currently active in training and supplying working dogs throughout UK K9 industries, which include British police forces, transport police, prisons and other security companies.

We are one of the major working dog suppliers for the Middle Eastern countries and all over the world. Unlike many dog trainers who are good in theory, K9 Met Specialists through our practical experience gained from the years of going around the K9 world being hands-on and effective to explore first hand knowledge. Apart from being said, we are well established with a good reputation to observe and fervently maintain our standards.
Through our very careful selection of dogs in not just their ability to work, but also to ensure they have both suitable working elbows and hips - conformity of the dog comes first before their potential to work. We have perfected our protocols over the years for every country we have supplied dogs to and satisfy their every whims and requests.

These photos have been sent exclusively to us;
Malaysia Army and Malaysia Police Force visit each other and hold working trials as well as promoting UK dogs. The event sees army and police dogs and their handlers from across Malaysia compete in a series of trials including Agility, Searching, Protection and Obedience; testing all skills they use to keep you and your domains safe everyday.