Bred in Slovakia, trained in UK and now sold to Hong Kong Search and Rescue, and a permanent contract has been secured. 

 “Mabel” was specially sourced for our international client to train as a Search and Rescue dog. Mabel is just a green dog, with advanced obedience training and a suitable drive to work with missing, vulnerable, alive or deceased victims. 

Today Mabel took her flight to Hong Kong to start her new life and training as a Search and Rescue dog. 

Here at K9 Met Specialists, we train various types of dogs for various types of working roles. If you're looking for a specifically trained dog, do not hesitate to contact us and we will go through our options with you. We export dogs to most countries, the process from start to finish is carried out by us and all dogs are health checked by a vet to ensure you receive healthy K9 companions.