The first half of 2023 has gone super well for us as a team at K9 Metropolitan Specialists regarding our professional services as dog trainers and also as an independent security firm serving a wide range of sectors and purposes.

K9 Met Specialists have been exporting and training many dogs to serve and protect UK as well as countries abroad. Our team of world-renowned dog trainers have had the honour and pleasure of hosting Singapore Police during their working dog selection of green to partly trained canines to join their ranks. Our team look forward to the next 6 months of 2023 for our confirmed law enforcement procurements with our international clients.

We also held our annual training seminar on becoming a Detection Dog handler for our SIA dog handlers as well as handlers from other security companies. If you didn't know that we hold training seminars for those who already hold an SIA licence and are looking into becoming a Detection Dog handler, you can contact us directly by using our website listing 24/7 operating number or by getting into contact with us by email.









Starting Above from Left to Right;

(Enlarge pictures for less blurred effect.)

  Xena - Sold to London, GP security dog.

Nellie - Sold to London, GP security dog.

Willow - Sold to Isle of Wight, GP security dog.

Below Left to Right;

(Enlarge pictures for less blurred effect.)

Mabel - Sold to Hong Kong, Search & Rescue dog.

Shinto - Sold to Wales, GP Security dog.

Bruce - Sold to Singapore Army, Detection dog.

  Not all dogs that are already out working away are listed.

Check "part 2" to see more of what we  have been up to!