As you can see, Bonnie has no trouble in working out how to climb or jump to higher heights.


Bonnie is a cross between two of the most popular working breeds, a Cocker Spaniel and an English Springer Spaniel, making Bonnie a Sprocker!

Bonnie is currently undergoing intense training with us at K9 Met Specialists Ltd to become a successful Drugs Detection Dog. Bonnie will be available for her next handler once she has passed our incredibly high standards, and is showing positive signs to her training. Bonnie does not work by sight, she works by scent which is incredible to watch. Bonnie has no fear with heights and carries herself well, being small Bonnie is able to reach into cramped and crowded areas with no problems whatsoever.

Bonnie is a wicked dog for a novice handler just starting out or an experienced handler. Bonnie is always welcome to come back to us at K9 Met Specialists Ltd for a refresher course or to be trained at a higher level.

Please give us a call or fill in our contact form to show interest in Bonnie. More pictures and videos are available on request.